Conrad Lovejoy
Senior Project Manager

Conrad Lovejoy operates as a Senior Project Manager for the ID Studio 4 Structural Engineering Department. Conrad has accumulated almost 10 years of experience in the structural design and consulting industry, and maintains a growing list of Professional Engineering licenses across the country. Conrad graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 2011, and soon after embarked on his path toward obtaining licensure as a structural engineer in his home state of Texas. Prior to joining the team at ID Studio 4, Conrad cultivated his structural design experience in both commercial construction and multifamily residential. As part of the ID Studio 4 team, Conrad oversees the structural design aspects for the company’s vast array of clients.


Conrad is passionate about structural design and theory, and takes pride in acquiring new skills and developing similar skills in others; considering the two aspects mutually inclusive and vital to his ability to provide safe, economical, and easy-to-interpret structural designs to clients. Fostering a tenacious desire to continue becoming a valuable asset to the design team, Conrad works diligently to identify critical aspects of each individual project, in order to proficiently and dependably deliver quality designs that are cost effective and on schedule.