Peter Brown, RA
Studio Director

Peter has been in the architecture business for over 28 years, starting out doing national restaurant chains. Throughout his career he has worked on multiple types of architecture including retail, medical, professional office and of course more types of restaurants from small inline restaurants to national roll out and remodel programs. His vast knowledge of the process of a project from planning, presentation, concept, design development, construction documents make him a well rounded architect. He is committed to serving his clients by putting their goals and needs first.

While some architects impose their vision on a client, Peter prefers to listen to the client and design a space that enhances the client's business - through improved efficiency and workflow and the creative use of architectural elements and finishes to project the client's intended image, all while working within the client's project budget. Peter believes as an architect, he and his clients are partners throughout design and construction. It's a relationship Peter takes seriously, and his client’s value, as shown by the many referrals Peter receives, and by the clients who use his services time and again.