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Cheddar’s New Prototype Shows Off the Kitchen

(Nation's Restaurant News - February 24, 2017)

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen has culminated its “scratch cooking” positioning with the opening this week of a new prototype in Lake Worth, Texas.

The Irving, Texas-based casual-dining operator opened its 166th unit on Monday, which highlights the kitchen and includes its first dedicated carry-out entrance.

Ian Baines, Cheddar’s president and CEO since October 2014, told Nation’s Restaurant News that the prototype brings together the brand’s efforts to differentiate itself with freshness and transparency.

Cheddar's exterior (Photo: Ron Ruggless)

“We’ve always had an established differentiation with our scratch cooking,” Baines said. “This is just about shouting it a little louder.”

The Lake Worth prototype also offers Cheddar’s first dedicated carry-out area, which has close access to the kitchen, but is separated from the main dining room and bar areas. The new carry-out area has its own entrance on the right side of the 7,300-square-foot building and its own registers. It serves as an alternative to the pickup in the bar area in older locations.

Average carryout sales for the entire system are about 8 percent, and the range is 4 percent to as high as 14 percent of sales.

The kitchen opens to the dining area, separated by large glass panels, to emphasize Cheddar's scratch-cooking positioning.