Visions of the "New Normal" for the Food Service Industry

The ID Studio 4 staff has been blessed to work with thousands of Restaurant and Entertainment brands across the U.S. for the last 40 years, with sustained growth through them all; until this year when the Coronavirus pandemic shut down the entire industry literally overnight. 

As designers, we have all been exposed to the branding and design exercise called “The Customer Journey”. This tool has been used for years to map out a customer’s interaction with a brand to define those touch-points where Brand, Service and Customer Interaction can be managed to create a seamless guest experience.

Our team has explored each major component of the typical journey and has identified those specific areas that make up key touch-point interactions, studying how they influence our customers' new thoughts and fears they may have when the food service industry is finally able to re-open.

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We hope you can benefit from these ideas and we would enjoy hearing any additional thoughts you may have to share with the food service industry.

Thank you,

ID Studio 4